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Aug 21 , 2017

Nexyz.Group Invests in Aspyrian Therapeutics U.S. Biotechnology Venture Company

Supporting the Commercialization of Photoimmunotherapy Treatment

The Nexyz.Group Corporation (Tokyo; Takami Kondo, president; securities code 4346) has announced an equity investment in U.S. biotechnology venture Aspyrian Therapeutics (California, U.S.A.).

Aspyrian Therapeutics, Inc.


A cure for cancer. This is one of the most daunting challenges facing humanity today. Aspyrian Therapeutics researches near-infrared photoimmunotherapy, a technology at the forefront of cancer treatment. The Nexyz.Group invested in Aspyrian Therapeutics motivated by the belief that this technology will answer the needs of humankind, every bit as comparable to leading innovations in information technology and Artificial Intelligence.

About Aspyrian Therapeutics

Aspyrian Therapeutics, Inc., is a privately funded clinical stage biotechnology company developing a new class of precision targeted oncologic drugs for the treatment of solid tumors based on the PIT platform licensed from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Aspyrian has secured the exclusive license to use IRDye 700DX® from LI-COR (Lincoln, Nebraska) for development of PIT products. The Company is currently working with a number of monoclonal antibodies with the potential to treat various types of cancers, including head and neck, esophageal, lung, brain, pancreatic, colorectal, breast and ovarian.

Dr. Hisataka Kobayashi, winner of the 2014 National Institute of Health Director's Award, recently appeared on the TV Asahi Morning Show in a segment discussing near-infrared photoimmunotherapy. He stated that in clinical trials published by the Japan Society for Head and Neck Cancer, four of seven cancer cases indicated the destruction and non-recurrence of cancer cells.

Aspyrian Therapeutics is looking forward to establishing Japanese operations related to leading-edge near-infrared photoimmunotherapy treatment in 2020. The Nexyz.Group Corporation intends to continue to support new advancements to replace traditional cancer treatments.

This equity investment will not have a material impact on consolidated earnings in the current fiscal year.

Company Overview

Company Name
Aspyrian Therapeutics, Inc.
11080 Roselle Street San Diego, CA 92121 USA
Miguel Garcia-Guzman, Ph.D., president and CEO
Investment Date
July 7, 2017


Information related to near-infrared photoimmunotherapy

TV Asahi Morning Show, "Somosomo Souken" (hosted by Shinichi Hatori; broadcast June 29)

National Cancer Institute Website (article and video)

Shukan Bunshun, "Obama Praises a Miracle Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment (Japanese)," August 10, Ppg.131-133


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