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Jul 11 , 2017

Nexyz.Group to Enter the Retail Electricity Market

Nexyz.Electric Power to Begin Operations Selling to 27,736 Existing Clients

On July 3, 2017, Nexyz.Zero, Inc. (Tokyo; Tsuyoshi Fujino, president), consolidated subsidiary of Nexyz.Group Corporation (Tokyo; Takami Kondo, president; securities code 4346), registered as a retail electricity supplier with the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; External Bureau: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy).

Nexyz.Electric Power

Participating in the Retail Electricity Market

Since 2012, the Nexyz. Group has been engaged in the energy and environment businesses, pursuing a mission to lower electricity costs in Japan. The Group now offers the Nexyz.Zero Series of services allowing restaurants, hotels, and other clients access to the latest equipment with zero up-front installation fees, contributing to reduced electricity costs.

Nexyz. Zero, Inc. has completed registration as a retail electricity supplier with the Japanese Agency for Natural Resources and Energy under the service name Nexyz Denryoku (Nexyz. Electric Power), formally entering the retail electricity market.

The Nexyz.Zero Series responds to client needs for energy cost savings, providing an ever-expanding lineup of energy-saving products and services that include LED lighting, commercial refrigerators, HVAC equipment, and water-saving equipment. In the space of less than five years, Nexyz has surpassed more than 27,000 installations. Nearly 40 percent of new orders come via referral from existing customers, and contracts for non-LED add-on services are growing steadily, now accounting for 17.2 percent of sales for the entire business.

In contrast to other retail electricity suppliers, the Nexyz. Group will begin selling services to 27,736 existing customers (as of June 2017) and others who are already conscious of cutting electricity costs. The Group will continue to pursue its own unique approach to helping clients reduce energy costs.

The new Nexyz.Electric Power is scheduled to start services in October. More details regarding the new service will follow. As already announced, the Nexyz.Group is on track to achieve record profits this fiscal year, and will announce the expected impact of this new service on earnings as quickly as possible.

The Nexyz.Group will be introducing more product and services in the future.

Overview of Retail Electricity Supplier Registration

Registration Date
July 3, 2017
Registration Number
Nexyz. Zero, Inc.
Tsuyoshi Fujino


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