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Apr 18 , 2016

Passion Leaders

Support for Victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake

Passion Leaders, operated by the Nexyz.Group Corporation (Tokyo; CEO & Group Representative Takami Kondo; Security Code: 4346), announced establishment of the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund in conjunction with Lions Club International District 330-A (Tokyo; District Governor Masahiko Kondo) and Earthquake Reconstruction Support TSUNAGARI (Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture; Representative Director Mitsunari Katsumata).

The April 14 earthquake in Kumamoto unleashed terrible destruction within region. We extend our heartfelt condolences over those we have lost, as well as offer deepest sympathy to all those affected by this tragedy.

In March 2011, Japan shocked by the Tohoku earthquake tsunami. The following April, Passion Leaders began to do its part to heal Japan by nurturing the growth of Japan's start-up companies and stimulating economic development in the region. Now In its fifth year, Passion Leaders has grown to more than 3,373 members as we work towards becoming the number one management association in Japan in terms of size, activity, and growth rate. We are proud to establish a relief fund for the Kumamoto region as we continue to pursue the Passion Leaders founding principles.

The support organizations are a joint effort between the Lions Club--which is recognized by the UN, and is the largest volunteer organization in the world--and TSUNAGARI--a Passion Leaders TOHOKU Branch member.
Lions Club International is active in 206 countries, with 46,075 clubs established world-wide. District 330A in Tokyo has about 5, 000 members enrolled, and serves as a leading representative of Lions Club in Japan. In keeping with the Lions Club purpose, "service is a Lions Club member's life and duty," members donate their own resources to cover their volunteer services. The Lions Club allocates 100 percent of donations received to the activities it supports.
TSUNAGARI offered aid during the Tohoku disaster, including collecting donations, coordinating donations of materials, and performing a host of other relief activities such as aiding in the recovery of remains and management of emergency refuges. During the August 2014 Hiroshima landslides, TSUNAGARI aided in sediment removal, as well as the removal and cleaning of affected houses. TSUNAGARI is an organization that is active where people need support the most--on-site in disaster zones. In fact, they are already contributing by managing two shelters (one 400-person shelter and one 1400- person shelter) in the Kumamoto region.
Passion Leaders intends to forward graciously offered donations to these two organizations, putting money towards vital earthquake relief activities.

We are accepting donations towards Kumamoto earthquake relief efforts as indicated below.

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About Passion Leaders

Passion Leaders was founded to create a group in which all members grow together, helping the next generation of business leaders learn from the top leaders of industry today. With the support of a multitude of Japan's top executive representatives, Passion Leaders offers access more than 28 different types of committee and subcommittee content, with about 40 activities held monthly. The organization is also actively developing entrepreneurial education for individuals who are starting new businesses.

Executive Director Special Advisors

Representative Director Takami Kondo Nexyz.Group CEO & Group Representative, Nexyz.Group Corporation
Directors Yoshiyuki Aikawa Director General, Shonan Beauty Clinic
Directors Iwao Aoki President, Capital Advisory K.K
Directors Kenichi Inamoto Chairman, zetton Inc.
Directors Hiroshi Iwamoto Chairman, Executive President and Chief Operating Officer, Escrit Inc.
Directors Takateru Kawano President and Chief Executive Officer, TKP Corporation
Directors Hirohisa Sato President, Balnibarbi Co Ltd
Directors Norio Shiraishi President, Benefit One Inc.
Directors Kahoko Tsunezawa President, Colors Inc.
Directors Norihisa Tomiyasu President, Tear Corporation
Directors Keiji Nishie President and CEO, Vector, Inc.
Directors Jiro Nitta Representative Director, j-Group Holdings Corp.
Directors Yoshitaka Nojiri Chairman and Representative Director, TAKE AND GIVE. NEEDS Co., Ltd
Directors Kazutomo Robert Hori President, CYBIRD Co., Ltd.
Directors Atsuhisa Matsumura President, Diamond Dining Co Ltd.
Directors Akira Morikawa Chief Executive Officer, C Channel Corporation
Directors Hisashi Yoneyama President, AP COMPANY CO.,LTD.
Special advisers Shuji Abe Chairman , YOSHINOYA HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
Special advisers Yasuhide Uno Chairman, Usen Corporation / President, U-next co ltd.
Special advisers Michikatsu Ochi Chairman, en-japan inc.
Special advisers Yoshitaka Kitao Representative Director, President & CEO, SBI Holdings, Inc.
Special advisers Masatoshi Kumagai Founder & Group CEO , GMO Internet, Inc.
Special advisers Toru Kenjo President , GENTOSHA INC.
Special advisers Atsushi Sakurada Chairman, President & Representative Director, MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC.
Special advisers Tsutomu Shida Founder, Supreme Adviser, SHiDAX CORPORATION
Special advisers Shigeharu Suzuki Chairman of the Board, Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.
Special advisers Akio Takahashi Chairman, Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.
Special advisers Kazumasa Terada President and CEO, Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited
Special advisers Tomoyoshi Nishiyama President, DINING INNOVATION LTD.
Special advisers Hirokazu Hasegawa Corporate Counselor, Hasegawa co ltd.
Special advisers Takehito Hirano President, FPLAIN CO.LTD.
Special advisers Susumu Fujita President, CyberAgent, Inc.
Special advisers Masato Matsuura Representative Director, CEO, Avex Group Holdings Inc.
Special advisers Hiroshi Mikitani Chairman and CEO, Rakuten, Inc.
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