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May 13 , 2014

Announcing DNA Hair Restoration® DNA Health and Beauty Consulting from DiNA

Tokyo, JapanーMay 13, 2014ーNexyz. Corporation (Tokyo, Japan; Takami Kondo, president; securities code 4346) and Nexyz. Group company DiNA, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan; Akiko Sakon, president) today announced the introduction of DNA Hair RestorationR. The new business is a joint venture between DiNA and Biotech inc. (Nagoya, Japan; Ken Shimizu, president), a major operator of hair growth and restoration salons throughout Japan.

Everyone is Beautiful. Your DNA Contains the Answer to Your Beauty The Secret: DNA and Nutritional Science.

Since 2010, DiNA has offered consumers DNA-based health and beauty consulting services, combining DNA information and nutritional sciences. The DiNA Counseling Program combines the results of individual DNA risk analysis with a survey of diet, exercise, and other lifestyle risk patternsーsubmitted by the customer via iPad or smartphone appーto provide a detailed report on the customer's genetic information and recommended nutrition profile. This report is highly customized to the individual client, generated from among more than 110 trillion different potential combinations of factors. Currently, the DiNA Counseling Program is being sold through a network of more than 700 salons throughout Japan.

Biotech inc. is a pioneer in the hair growth and restoration industry, having conducted research and development for over 30 years since the company's inception. Biotech introduced the first hair growth and restoration system in the Japanese market, as well as a cascade of new hair restoration product and device patents and services. Operating a 60-location network of hair growth and restoration salons throughout Japan, Biotech inc. is one of the most expert and experienced companies in the total hair care industry.

DNA Hair RestorationR is the intersection of advanced genetic information through advanced DNA analysis and the latest in hair growth and restoration based on leading-edge science. With this announcement, Biotech inc. will now offer DNA Hair RestorationR at its 60 locations in Japan.

DiNA believes that everyone is beautiful. Now, the company is excited to add that everyone can have beautiful, healthy hair.

DiNA Service Overview

DiNA Service Overview

About DiNA

DiNA Inc., a subsidiary of Nexyz. Corporation, uses DNA analysis to create a recommended nutritional and lifestyle profile designed specifically for an individual customer. DiNA services, developed and perfected over many long years, are available through a network of more than 700 beauty salons throughout Japan.


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