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Feb 15 , 2014

Kimono Queen Contest 2014 Grand Prize and Oscar Promotion Award Announced!

Special Guest Fuuka Koshiba

Tokyo, JapanーFebruary 15, 2014ーNexyz. Corporation (Tokyo, Japan; Takami Kondo, president; securities code 4346) and Nexyz. Group company Hakubi Corporation (Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin; Tokyo, Japan; Shigetoshi Hara, president) today announced the results of the final judging round of the Kimono Queen Contest 2014, Japan's largest kimono festival. The final judging was held at the Asakura Public Hall on February 15, 2014.

Kimono Queen Contest 2014

Kimono Queen Contest 2014

From among 6,657 entries, 320 ladies made the cut through regional judging to appear at the historic Asakura Public Hall in the heart of old Tokyo for final judging. Each of the 320 contestants presented themselves in their best kimono and accessories, vying to be named Kimono Queen 2014.

Kimono Queen Contest 2014 Grand Prize and Oscar Promotion Award Announced!

At the end of judging, guest judge and actress Fuuka Koshiba addressed the contestants saying, "You are all so beautiful. The kimono is a unique Japanese tradition that brings out the elegance and style of what it means to be a Japanese woman." Ms. Koshiba's comments were warmly received by the audience, who made the trip through record-breaking snowfall to see the beauty and pageantry of the kimono contest.

Guest Judge Fuuka Koshiba

Each judge graded the contestants on overall presentation, including how contestants wore their kimonos, as well as walking, facial expression, and performance. Amidst high-level competition, Misato Ozawa (23) from Tokyo was awarded the grand prize certificate and trophy. "I was so nervous," said Ms. Ozawa, "I was worried about all of the snow today, but I am so happy to have been able to wear such a beautiful kimono and named winner of this wonderful contest."

As the winner of the Kimono Queen 2014, Ms. Ozawa will be involved in a number of public appearances, including presenting at international ceremonies, modelling for Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin posters, modelling at kimono shows, and more. Ms. Ozawa will be a representative to the world for the world's most-recognized cultural costume. The contest runners-up, Miss Photogenic, and other top award winners will also be called on to model and participate in other activities.

Kimono Queen 2014, Misato Ozawa
Kimono Queen Award Presentation

Yuki Kadono (21) and Sae Shimizu (17), both from Kanagawa, were named runners up.

Kimono Queen Runners-Up, Sae Shimizu (left) and Yuki Kadono (right)

Comedian pair Beethoven performed a short show, keeping judges and audience in stitches, as well as putting the contestants at ease. Following the comedy show Fuuka Koshiba made her entrance in a beautiful white and pink kimono. Ms. Koshiba told the audience about her figure skating hobby and discussed the Sochi Olympics. "I've never had the chance to wear a kimono for work, so I'm a bit nervous" said the actress. "After they tightened the obi [belt], I felt like I was standing much taller." At 16 years of age, Ms. Koshiba brightened the hall with her youthful energy and smiling face.

Special Guests Fuuka Koshiba and Beethoven

Next to the stage was star of TV, movies, and commercials, Ms. Ayame Goriki, wearing a deep green flowered furisode style kimono. Said Ms. Goriki, "I have always loved the timeless, understated kimonos. One day I'd like to be someone who can wear kimonos as part of a regular, everyday wardrobe." Ms. Goriki continued, "When I wear a kimono, I feel aware of every movement, right down to my fingertips." Her parting words from the stage were, "I want to learn how to dress myself in a kimono and share with everyone the wonder and charm of this beautiful traditional costume."

Special Guest Ayame Goriki

Kyoka Yoshida (20) of Tokyo, who won the Oscar Promotion Award, will enjoy the support of the Oscar Promotions talent agency, who will introduce her to opportunities in the media.

Oscar Promotion Award Winner Kyoka Yoshida
From Left: Kyoka Yoshida, Misato Ozawa, Yuki Kadono, Sae Shimizu
Kimono Queen Contest 2014 Grand Prize and Oscar Promotion Award Announced!

Kimono Queen Contest 2014 Overview

Kimono Queen Contest 2014 Project Committee
Production and Management:
Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin
Planning and Cooperation:
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Approved The Cultural Foundation For Promoting the National Costume of japan / Japan Tourism Agency / Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Taito City / Zenkoku Wasou Gakuin Renrakukai
BALNIBARBI Co., Ltd. / Brangista Inc. / DiNA Inc.
Scarab Japan Co;LTD, / Head Spa Syma / GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA / Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo / OSHIMATSUBAKI Co., Ltd. / SayBig Co., Ltd / Ansa Co., Ltd / Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd. Utsukushii Kimono Magazine / Photocreate Co.,Ltd.
Nexyz. Corporation President : Takami Kondo
Hakubi Corporation Chairman and Executive Director

The Cultural Foundation For Promoting the National Costume of japan
Hakubi School President Takayoshi Mizusima

Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin Excective Director Junko Otsuka
Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin Director Atsuko Kaiho
Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin Director Tomoko Iijima
Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin Director Mieko Endo
Guest Judges:
OSCARPROMOTION CO., LTD. Managing Director Hiroshi Utsumi
BALNIBARBI Group President: Hirohisa Sato
Utsukushii Kimono Magazine Chief Editor Kyoko Tomikawa
Special Guest : Fuuka Koshiba

About Hakubi Corporation

Hakubi's, mission is to evangelize the beauty and grace of the kimono. Over the years Hakubi has exposed hundreds of thousands of peopleーbeginners to expertsーto the joy and grace of wearing the Japanese kimono, an inseparable part of Japan's unique culture of heartfelt service.


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