IR Policies

1. Information Disclosure

NEXYZ.Group Corporation engages in fair, prompt, and appropriate disclosure to allow our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders a clear understanding of our business in order to make an appropriate evaluation of our corporate value.

2. Disclosure Standards

NEXYZ.Group Corporation complies with the timely disclosure rules established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We promptly disclose information in response to inquiries from the stock exchange or when events occur related to corporate decisions, events, or financial results that could have a material effect on shareholder and investor decisions. To the extent possible, the Company practices the fair disclosure of other information not necessarily subject to timely disclosure rules, but which management believes may inform the judgment of our shareholders and investors.

3. Information Disclosure Methods

  1. 1.NEXYZ.Group Corporation discloses information as deemed significant under timely disclosure rules via TDnet, a timely disclosure information system operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. After disclosing information via TDnet, the Company promptly notifies media outlets and publishes the information on our corporate website.
  2. 2.The Company uses press releases, investor briefings, annual reports, and other means to disclose information not subject to timely disclosure rules. Such materials and video are also made available via our corporate website.

4. Quiet Period Policy

To prevent the leakage of financial information, NEXYZ.Group Corporation invokes a quiet period between the day following the company’s financial closing date and the date of financial results announcement. During this period, the company declines answering questions or offering comments related to financial performance. Even during quiet periods, the Company may elect to disclose information related to revised earnings forecasts when such differences are deemed material according to timely disclosure rules for forecasts published in the past. The Company may also elect to answer questions or offer comments related to information already published.

5. Forward-Looking Statements

Information disclosed by the Company may contain forward-looking statements. These statements are management decisions based on information available at the time of publication; actual results may differ materially due to changes in operating conditions. Accordingly, Company forward-looking statements include risk and uncertainties. The Company clearly discloses when information contains forward-looking statements.


Any plans, estimates, strategies, targets, etc. published on this website that are not historical fact are forward-looking statements. These statements are management decisions based on information available at the time. While the Company exercises the utmost caution in preparing the contents of this website, NEXYZ.Group Corporation is not liable for any errors in information or damages caused due to data downloads. This website is not an invitation to invest. Investment decisions are at the sole judgment of the investor.

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