Nexyz. Vision

ネクシィーズビジョン 2020-2023

Zero Initial Equipment Investment
All the Future Benefits, Right Now.

The Nexyz.Zero Series and other offerings from the Nexyz.Group provide future benefits in the now. We want to help you today, not someday. Nexyz helps our customers experience cost savings by eliminating costly initial investments in capital equipment, such as LED lighting. In this way, we replace the convention of saving money to invest sometime in the future with zero-cost access to equipment now, allowing business owners to optimize capital and value. The Nexyz Zero Series is a new concept in commercial financing.
Imagine a world where you can deliver outstanding services zero initial cost. The Nexyz.Group has imagined this ambitious platform, contributing to the prevention of global warming, creating an environment in which entrepreneurs can aspire to new challenges, and creating a better, brighter future. Providing access to capital investment for zero initial costs is how we do this.

Making Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True From Zero.
Introducing a World of Access to Capital Assets at Zero Initial Cost.

Our Promise to You

The Nexyz.Group will continue to grow by helping you pursue your vision.
Our commitment to our stakeholders is to reach consolidated ordinary income of ¥6 billion by the fiscal year ending September 2023. At the same time, we must treat today’s environmental issues as issues that affect every person living in the world today. Our vision is a message we communicate to every customer and every stakeholder. We make unimagined possibilities the next new normal. Look forward to amazing new concepts from the Nexyz.Group.

FYE September 2023 Earnings Targets


How We Plan to Achieve Consolidated Ordinary Income of ¥6 Billion

We plan to achieve our goals through stable sales and rational, consistent workforce growth.

Monthly Sales by Experience
Employee Growth

The Strengths of Nexyz Zero

The Nexyz.Group has set aside a total ¥50 billion budget for total Nexyz.Zero investemtn. We are working with regional financial institutions and sales partners while securing capital through joint strategies with megabanks. In this way, we will expand the Nexyz.Zero Series as a model driven by regional banks acting as sales agents toward regional revitalization.

Business Investment Budget: &yen50 billion, Megabank Strategy Partners: Megabanks, etc 8 banks, Regional Financial Institutions Acting as Strategic Partners Nexyz Zero Sales Agents Regional banks 15 banks

Shareholder Returns

We are committed to providing a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 40% or ¥40 per share, whichever is higher and we promise to deliver positive shareholder returns over the four years between FY2019 and FY2022.

Consolidated Payout Ratio/ Through FY2022/40.0%, Annual Dividends/ Through FY2022/ 40yen per share

Our Promise to Society and to the Environment

  1. 1.We promise to reduce CO2 emissions through business activities that prevent global warming.
  2. 2.We promise to release products that reduce environmental impact, using sustainable resources to contribute to a low-carbon society.
  3. 3.We promise to engage in advanced initiatives that prevent environmental pollution.

Our Contributions to the Environment

*Calculated assuming 250 hours of average usage per month per store/office LED installation (November 2012 through September 2023). Electricity cost calculated at ¥27 per kWh and based on CO2 emission factor of 0.475kg-CO2/kWh (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings fiscal 2018 announcement).

Reproduction of this document, in whole or in part, without the consent of Nexyz.Group Corporation is strictly prohibited. Information provided in this document that is not historical fact is a forward-looking projection based on forecasts or plans of the Nexyz.Group Corporation. These forward-looking projections include risks and uncertainties and may differ from actual results or financial performance. Further, consolidated forecasts for the next fiscal year require even closer scrutiny due to the impact of COVID-19, including the spread of pneumonia, the impact on supply chains due to factory stoppages, the impact of decreased tourism from China on inns, hotels, and retail outlets, and the impact on the Japanese economy should COVID-19 spread more widely.

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