Message from Takami Kondo

Financing x Services x Regional Revitalization

Entering New Businesses as a Unique Financial Services Company

I want to extend my appreciation to you, our shareholders and investors, for your continued understanding and support.

Nexyz.Group Corporation engages in sustainability management, pursuing key indicators reflecting virtuous cycles between the economy and the environment. We continue to expand into new business domains, leveraging a unique business model centered on Nexyz.Zero, which is an integration of financing and services.

I am happy to report that we returned to profitability in fiscal 2022, exceeding our targets.

Our mainstay Nexyz.Zero business saw a recovery in profit, reflecting the shift in focus from with-COVID-19 products to LED lighting and commercial air conditioning. We also entered the agricultural business, where performance remained steady in part due to our acquisition of agricultural greenhouses.

We created a risk-free structure in our electricity retail business by transferring certain operations and shifting to a business model not easily affected by fluctuations in electricity purchase prices. Our electronic media business reported record-high results in alliance contracts between the Tabiiro e-magazine and local governments. As tourism demand recovers, we will strengthen alliances with local governments and contribute to regional revitalization.

In October 2022, we launched a new project, Accel Japan. With this project, we intend to accelerate the growth of small- and medium-sized companies by providing promotional tools that allow them to use photos and videos of well-known celebrities for a fixed monthly fee. Accel Japan will also be a place for corporate managers to learn and interact with each other.

Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in local communities throughout Japan, we are working together with regional financial institutions and the insurance industry to expand Nexyz.Zero services as a practical measure for environmental conservation.

Why is Nexyz.Group Corporation unique? Because we always focus on the businesses and growth of our clients, creating business models according to the changing times.

Look forward to more Nexyz.Group innovations for growth in the future.

Takami Kondo
Nexyz.Group CEO & Group Representative
Nexyz.Group Corporation

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