Message from Takami Kondo

Record Profits in our 30th Year. On Toward a New Era!

Dear Shareholders and Investors,

Nexyz.Group net sales for the fiscal year ended September 2017 reached ¥16,048 million (+14.1% compared to fiscal 2016), with operating income of ¥2,054 million (+19.7%), ordinary income of ¥2,269 million (+32.1%), and net income attributable to owners of the parent of ¥1,767 million (+45.4%). These profit figures represent record highs since our founding 30 years ago.

We declared a 50 percent increase in fiscal 2018 regular dividends compared fiscal 2017, deciding to pay ¥15 in interim dividends and ¥15 in year-end dividends for an annual total of ¥30.

Launch of Nexyz.Electric Power

In addition to our main Nexyz.Zero business (commercial equipment management service with zero up-front investment), the Nexyz.Group has launched Nexyz.Electric Power, offering customers a less-expensive option for electricity. This is our first foray into retail electricity.

Our Electronic Media Division has enjoyed strong performance in Digital Magazines and Solutions. We are also ready to launch a major Japan-wide TV commercial campaign in the time preceding and after New Year’s to promote the world’s first-ever 3D crane game, Kami no Te (Hand of God).

Corporate Group Growth that Benefits Society

Our mission as a group is to contribute to society by creating new value and new markets. We will push forward on a path of dramatic and abundant growth to become a corporate group indispensable to society.

Look forward to more exciting developments from the Nexyz.Group.

Last, I want to extend my appreciation to you, our shareholders and investors, for your continued support of Nexyz.Group.

Takami Kondo
Nexyz.Group CEO & Group Representative
Nexyz.Group Corporation

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