To Our Individual Shareholders

To Our Individual Shareholders

Since our beginnings in 1987, the NEXYZ.Group has been focused on one thing: How to introduce good services to the world as quickly as possible. As we talk with our customers, we look for clues and discoveries about future valuable services, leveraging these experiences into strengths that drive our growth. We began as a business selling fixed line telephones. Eventually, we expanded to mobile phones, satellite broadcasts, Electronic Toll Collection System, and other businesses, mainly in the field of communications. With the rise of the Internet, we signed on as a Yahoo!BB (broadband internet) sales partner, recognized as the top performer among all sales agencies in Japan. We have always been two steps ahead of major market trends, among the first to understand the importance of, and build businesses around, digital tools.
Today, our two main businesses are in the NEXYZ ZERO and electronic media sectors. Our services in these fields account for the majority of NEXYZ.Group profits. The speed of social change is only increasing, and the NEXYZ.Group will continue to conceive innovative businesses that accelerate society forward and grow our company dramatically.

The NEXYZ.Group Vision

We build fresh paradigms that become the new norm.

NEXYZ.Group discovers untapped potential leading to products and services that become new social standards, finding new and innovative answers that become the next new norm. We grow and expand across business sectors, discerning the needs of the times and conceiving innovative services. Our engine of growth is the spirit of passion and creativity of our founder, executed through the strong relationships and teamwork of the NEXYZ.Group employees.

Corporate Philosophy

NEXYZ.Group Aspirations

Five Rules

  1. 1.Find and enter markets with scalable potential
  2. 2.Conceive and develop content so creative it cannot be copied by others
  3. 3.Build self-branded, self-contained business models
  4. 4.Accept nothing less than the top position in the market
  5. 5.Establish businesses with operating income ratios of 10 percent or greater

For Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth is tied directly to corporate governance, including compliance, employee training, risk management, and CSR activities that satisfy societal demands. Our commitment to sustainable growth leads to higher social and economic value, allowing us to provide ongoing returns to our stakeholders.

Our Businesses

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