Future Strategy

Since our beginnings in 1987, the NEXYZ.Group has been focused on one thing: How to introduce good services to the world as quickly as possible. We value our interactions with customers, looking for clues and discoveries that lead to new services which we can turn into strengths that drive growth.
We began as a business selling push-button telephones to replace the old rotary dial models. Eventually, we expanded to mobile phones, satellite broadcasts, ETC, and other businesses, mainly in the field of communications. Our businesses have spurred the adoption of new technologies. With the rise of the Internet, we signed on as a Yahoo!BB sales partner at the request of SoftBank President Masayoshi Son, quickly becoming the top performer among all sales agencies in Japan.

We have always been two steps ahead of major market trends, among the first to understand the importance of, and build businesses around, digital tools. Today, our two main businesses are in the energy and environment and electronic media sectors. The speed of social change is only increasing, and the NEXYZ.Group will continue to conceive innovative businesses that accelerate society forward and grow our company dramatically.

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