Social Contribution Activities

The Nexyz.Group Corporation is committed to becoming a vital part of society. We see the value of our services from the standpoint of corporate social responsibility (CSR), as every employee works not only for the benefit our customers, but also for a brighter future for society at large.

Nexyz.Group CSR Management

CSR management in the Nexyz.Group means discerning social issues, planning services that solve these issues, and promoting the adoption of services through courteous, consultative sales. Our services are the catalyst for solving social issues, providing an energy that moves society forward one step at a time. The Nexyz.Group business itself is the engine of social change, leading to sustainable social improvement and serving as a prime example of true CSR activity.

Sales Capacity, Discernment and Planning Capacity

Nexzy.Group CSR Activity Policies

We aspire to be a vital part of society, contributing to a brighter future

For Society

Create new value, solve social issues

For Earth

Protect and contribute to a better global environment

Business Activities

The Nexyz.Group Corporation believes that our business activities contribute directly to the positive development of society. Growing through sound, fair business activities, we help create a brighter future for the world.

Growing Corporate Value and Social Value Together

In the post-Paris Agreement era, building a carbon-less society is a global-scale issue. The Nexyz.Group supports the adoption of LED lighting as a service at the intersection of our business and the issues facing the world. We promote LED lighting and a variety of other energy-saving equipment and services that contribute to society and make a change for the better.

Cultural and Educational Activities

The education and development of our future leaders is imperative for the advancement of society. The Nexyz.Group Corporation supports personal development in all forms, including management leadership training and programs to develop confident youth through sports.

Passion Leaders plans, organizes, and operates Passion Leaders events, which bring together the next generation of Japan’s young CEOs for networking and leadership skills training. Passion Leaders supports the future success of Japanese business and encourages Japan’s business leaders to make meaningful contributions to society.

The HDP Association promotes personal growth through sports, offering support to youths who are serious about pursuing their dreams. The HDP Association Project is involved in every type of sport imaginable, working to develop leaders who are willing to contribute to society. The Dreams Project is a proud, passionate supporter of sports in Japan and around the world.

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