Our Journey So Far


From beginnings as Japan Electrical Communications to an eventual successful IPO, NEXYZ.Group has continued to meet every challenge in its path.


A 19-year-old youth swims out into the open sea, believing a promised land awaits somewhere in this world

  • May 1987Japan Electrical Communications founded in Tennoji, Osaka as a landline telephone sales company
  • November 1987New sales office opened (Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture)


A new business model in an era where value is the ultimate goal

  • February 1990Japan Telex Corporation founded with ¥10 million in capital (Suita City, Osaka)
    Launch of innovative phone service Terumi System; phone ownership for a flat ¥2,000 monthly subscription


Unveiling innovative mobile phone businesses amidst an uninspired market

  • December 1996Introduction of world’s first X JAPAN Premium PHS
  • October 2000Debut of Japan’s first Official Ferrari mobile phone

“The legendary Ferrari brand chose you as our partner in Japan.
We hope you understand the honor. You were the man chosen by Ferrari.”

Strong earnings

Ready to join the exclusive 0.6% club of companies that file for an IPO, but...

A turn of events…

The burst of the IT bubble

An IPO cancellation

Insolvency crisis

April 25, 2000. Nexyz was a mere two weeks away from an initial public offering on the Mothers market, already approved by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Then the IT bubble burst.
With not options, the company canceled its IPO.

“I didn’t know who to fight. It was like battling the air.”


A 15-minute, life-or-death presentation opens a path to survival

  • June 2000A last-ditch, 15-minute presentation to Yoshitaka Kitao led to a ¥3 billion cash infusion from SoftBank Investment…and a way forward through dangerous waters.


IPO on NASDAQ* Japan

  • March 2002Two years after the first failed effort, the company listed its shares on the NASDAQ Japan market. It was the first time a Japanese company made a successful IPO after having canceled previously.

*Now JASDAQ Japan


Shares Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • November 2004Shares listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • December 2004Shares listed on the First Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange


Launch of the Electronic Media Division


Launch of the Energy and Environment Division


Brangista shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market


Launch of "BODY ARCHI"


Certified as an "Eco-First company"


Launch of "ACCEL JAPAN"

On to the next ultimate venture

30th anniversary NEXYZ. GROUP

※Date taken: April,2023

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