Corporate Identity

Our Corporate Name


The name NEXYZ. is derived from “The next of XYZ.” Nexyz represents our commitment to embracing the spirit of challenging ourselves beyond the current norms, discovering what comes next after delivering A through Z.

Our Logo


NEXYZ.Group logo consists of three arrows pointing upward. Each of these arrows represent the NEXYZ.Spirit: Speed, Ideas, Passion. These three elements come together to break through traditional markets and business models.

SPEEDBe quick to respond to new technologies and to create new business models.

IDEADiscover new needs and offer new insights to our clients.

PASSIONAlways dream, always look toward the next challenge, always embrace passion and spirit.

The NEXYZ. Blue represents trust and sincerity. The sturdy Gothic font demonstrates our unshakeable determination.

We are on the constant lookout for undiscovered needs, converting innovative ideas into services quickly, creating a future that inspires every member of society. This logo also incorporates the NEXYZ.Group philosophy.

Group Logo


This points to how we manage our diverse businesses as one whole.

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