Company History

May 1987

Takami Kondo founds home telephone sales business Japan Electrical Communications Co., Ltd. (Osaka city, Osaka)

November 1987

Japan Electrical Communications expands and moves sales office (Takamatsu, Kagawa Pref.)

February 1990

  • Kondo founds Japan telex Corporation (\10 million in capital; Suita City, Osaka)
  • Japan telex introduces a flat ¥2,000 per month telephone service called Terumi System

July 1991

Japan telex Corporation begins sales of mobile phone handsets representing NTT DoCoMo and IDO

May 1994

Japan telex Corporation moves its head office to Shibuya, Tokyo

July 1995

Japan telex Corporation launches a PHS service; signs partnership to open the first NTT Personal store

February 1998

Japan telex offers Free Tie-Up Campaign; both clients and consumers enjoy benefits risk-free

March 1998

Japan telex moves head office to the Shibuya Infoss Tower, located in Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo

April 1999

  • Japan telex launches subscription support services for Digital Club (currently ClubiT), a service offering free communications satellite broadcast receiver rentals
  • Offices opened in Hiroshima and Fukuoka to expand Japan-wide network

May 1999

Osaka office opened

June 1999

Sendai office opened

January 2000

Japan telex changes official corporate name to Nextel Corporation

February 2000

Nextel signs licensing agreement with Ferrari Idea of Switzerland

May 2000

Nextel Corporation begins sales of WOWOW (BS broadcast) services

June 2000

Nextel Corporation receives an equity investment from SOFTBANK Investment Co., Ltd.

November 2000

  • Nagoya office opened
  • Nextel establishes Idea Cube Corporation To manage email list membership

December 2000

Nextel Corporation officially changes its corporate name to Nexyz.Corporation

April 2001

Nexyz.Corporation signs a sales agreement to represent KDDI CORPORATION

July 2001

Nexy.Corporation founds N.F.P. Corporation to operate an IT equipment rental services business

August 2001

Takamatsu office opened

October 2001

Nexyz.Corporation begins sales of SOUND PLANET (CS digital music broadcast)

December 2001

Nexyz.Corporation begins sales of Digital WOWOW Rental Service (Digi Luck)

March 2002

  • Sapporo office opened
  • Nexyz.Corporation conducts an initial public offering on the Osaka Stock Exchange Nasdaq Japan market

May 2002

  • Nexyz.Corporation signs agreement to represent SOFTBANK BB Corp. as the first SOFTBANK BB sales agent
  • Nexyz.Corporation signs agreement to represent SKY Perfect Communications, Inc. as the first SKY Perfect sales agent

September 2002

  • Nexyz.Corporation established T.T. Nexyz.Corporation to provide free satellite receiver rental services.
  • Group company N.F.P. Corporation changes official corporate name to S.P. Nexyz. Corporation

June 2003

Nexyz.Corporation establishes F.C. Nexyz.Corporation as an affiliate of S.P. Nexyz.Corporation

July 2004

Nexyz.Corporation signs agreement to represent JAPAN TELECOM CO., LTD. as a sales agent

September 2004

Begins sales of low-cost fixed-line service Otoku Line via consignment sales booths

October 2004

Nexyz.Corporation moves head office to Nexyz Square Building in Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo

November 2004

Nexyz.Corporation lists shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

December 2004

Nexyz.Corporation lists shares on the First Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange

March 2005

  • Nexyz.Corporation establishes Nexyz.Trade, Inc. in a joint venture with E*TRADE SECURITIES Co., Ltd. (Currently SBI SECURITIES Co.,Ltd.) to perform securities brokerage (currently Financial Instruments Intermediary Service Provider) services
  • Nexyz.Corporation establishes UCC Nexyz. Inc. in a joint venture with UCC FOODS CO., LTD. to perform wholesale support services via telemarketing

July 2005

Nexyz.Corporation establishes SONIA PARTNERS Corporation in a joint venture with NEWTON FINANCIAL CONSULTING, Inc. to perform insurance agency services

August 2005

S.P. Nexyz.Corporation changes its official corporate name to Nexyz.BB Corporation to participate in ISP services as consumer Internet Service Provider Nexyz.BB

September 2005

Nexyz.Corporation establishes Nexyz.Entertainment Corporation to offer broadband video content broadcast services

November 2005

Nexyz.BB begins ISP services

December 2005

Idea Cube merges with T.T. Nexyz

April 2006

  • Nexyz.Corporation folds its telemarketing division into Nexyz. Communications Corporation
  • Nexyz.Corporation transitions to a holding company structure
  • Nexyz.Corporation adopts the first synthetic ESOP, arranged by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

August 2006

Nexyz.Corporation acquires ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and JIS Q 27001:2006 certifications (Information Security Management Systems)

September 2006

Idea Cube forms alliance with the All Japan Ryokan Association

October 2006

Nexyz.Group and SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. sign a business agreement Nexyz.Group begins selling mobile communications devices

February 2007

  • Nexyz.Corporation establishes Brangista, Inc. as a joint venture with Nexyz.Entertainment Corporation to offer comprehensive entertainment content operations
  • Nexyz.Entertainment Corporation changes its official corporate name to Nexyz.VP, Inc. to offer IPO support services and invest in venture firms

December 2007

Brangista launches Tabiiro, an online travel magazine for adult women to research and plan travel; advertising agency services offered to hotels, ryokans, and restaurants, etc. appearing in the magazine

November 2008

Brangista, Inc. and Rakuten Travel, Inc. sign a business agreement

April 2009

Nexyz.Corporation makes Hakubi School a subsidiary Nexyz acquires shares of National Education Industry Association, Inc. (operated by Hakubi School) from Yamaha Holdings Corporation

February 2010

Brangista signs business partnership with a subsidiary of Korea Information Engineering Services Co., Ltd., a major Korean information systems company Nexyz.Corporation introduces EC TENCHO, an ASP online shopping platform

August 2010

Brangista launches travel magazine Tabiiro launched through Magastore

November 2010

Debut publication of Tabiiro Monthly, an online travel magazine

April 2011

Idea Cube merges with Brangista

November 2012

Nexyz Energy and Environment Division (Currently Embedded Finance Division) launches LED light service with zero up-front costs

September 2013

Rakuten,Inc. makes equity investment in Brangista

September 2015

Group company Brangista, Inc. conducts initial public offering on the Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

October 2015

Nexyz founds Brangista Game Inc. (consolidated subsidiary)

April 2016

Nexyz.Corporation officially changes its corporate name to Nexyz.Group Corporation

June 2016

Brangista Game introduces the Kami no Te 3D crane game, developed in conjunction with producer Yasushi Akimoto

September 2016

Nexyz founds Nexyz.Zero Inc.; signs liquidation of receivables agreement with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

May 2017

Digibana Inc. and Benefit One Inc. enter into equity partnership

July 2017

Nexyz.Zero registers as a retail electricity supplier, enters the retail electricity market

August 2017

Digibana launches Digibana Biz gift service for corporate gifts

October 2017

Nexyz establishes Brangista Taiwan Inc.

February 2018

AIMED Inc. launches the AIMED medical smartphone app

May 2018

Nexyz. Wonder Wall Inc. introduces 3D image projection service

Nov 2018

The first women’s self-directed beauty salon BODY ARCHI at Omotesando has opened

Jan 2020

DiNA Kirei Labo, Inc. changes corporate name to Body Archi Japan, Inc.

Apr 2020

Brangista establishes Brangista Media Inc. and transitions to a holding company owning Brangista Media Inc., Brangista Solution Inc., and other companies

Oct 2020

Nexyz.Group Corporation receives certification as an ECO FIRST company by the Minister of the Environment

Mar 2021

Nexyz.Zero Green Finance becomes world’s first securitized LED finance mechanism. Financing mechanism receives Aaa (sf) rating from Moody’s (highest rating) and receives first-ever Green Loan Evaluation (Second Opinion) in Japan from Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I).

Oct 2022

Nexyz founds Brangista YELL inc. and launched "ACCEL JAPAN"

January 2024

Nexyz.Group Corporation officially changes its corporate name to NEXYZ.Group Corporation

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