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Flat Fee Self-Service Beauty Treatment

Multi-Dimensional Support for Beauty and Health

The Nexyz.Group operates and franchises the BODY ARCHI fixed fee self-directed beauty salon. We support all women who want to be beautiful.

BODY ARCHI (Japanese only)

Stock Market Investing Support

A Brighter, More Abundant Future

Nexyz.Trade Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with SBI Securities. We use a combination of effective Web marketing and telemarketing to grow the SBI Securities account holder base. Nexyz.Trade provides confidence to customers who are not experienced in securities trading, taking the time to explain industry terms and trading techniques in language that is easy for the customer to understand.

Nexyz.TRADE Inc. (Japanese only)

Smartphone Medical App

A More Personal Medical Experience

AIMED is the definitive global medical resource app for your smartphone. With AIMED, you can view information on more than 160,000 medical facilities throughout Japan (more than any other app), make appointments, use AI to diagnose symptoms, and even receive a remote diagnosis. AIMED incorporates these services and more in one convenient app. Answer any medical-related concerns, from reading patient feedback to eliminating needless trips to the clinic just to fill a prescription.

AIMED Inc. (Japanese only)

3D Hologram Projection Service

A New Concept in Advertising and Promotion Media: 3D Projection Technology

Nexyz.Wonder Wall Inc. offers image projection services based on state-of-the-art image projection technology (3D hologram). For zero up-front cost, customers have access to everything needed to project unique, fascinating content. Perfect for use at food service businesses (cafés, restaurants, bars, lounges, etc.), hotels, apparel shops, showrooms, and amusement parks. Nexyz.Wonderwall also enhances stage presentations, such as live performances and events.

Nexyz. Wonder Wall Inc. (Japanese only)

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