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Commercial Equipment Management Service: Zero Up-Front Investment


Nexyz.Zero Series is a service for customers to install the latest in energy-saving LED lighting, commercial HVAC equipment, commercial refrigerators, and other energy-saving equipment at zero up-front investment. For example, restaurants traditionally incur initial investments that include installation costs ranging from several hundred thousand to several tens of millions of yen when dealing with multiple restaurants at the same time. The high hurdle of installation costs has been a major bottleneck in the advancement of business. Nexyz.Zero Series is a new system developed in partnership with financial institutions and equipment manufacturers. Nexyz.Zero is our answer to removing the barriers to equipment installation and eliminating environmental concerns—all at once.

Traditional Equipment Installation

Traditional Equipment Installation

The Nexyz.Zero Way

The Nexyz.Zero Way

Case Study
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) LED Changeover Project
P4 Parking Lot

Project Optimization
by Nexyz

This project to reduce power consumption for lighting throughout the airport began with this large parking lot. Airport management converted 2,186 straight tube fluorescent lamps to LED lighting, which also contributes to CO2 emissions reductions.

Selection and
Product Advantages
Considering the location of the airport near the ocean, the customer opted for salt-resistant specifications allowing for greater safety than standard outdoor specifications

LED base light


  • 5200LM output at only 30.8W of power consumption
  • Specialized design to resist salt damage

    Intended for use near the ocean, these LED lamps were designed to resist salt damage, rather than regular rain, wind, or humidity.

  • Dustproof and Waterproof

※IP stands for ingress protection

Changeover Comparison

  • Before:
    Hf Incandescent Fluorescent Lamp

  • After:
    Nexyz-Recommended Base LED Lamps

Unparalleled Cost Savings
High luminescence, energy-saving specifications, with no sacrifice of illumination intensity Reduced electricity costs through the use of energy-efficient LEDs
62.1% Power Reduction

Calculated using the Tokyo Electric Power Company unit price (electricity for business use)

Annual electricity cost reduction of

※Assumptions used for calculation: ・Use per day: 24 hours | ・Days per month: 30 days | ・Electricity unit price: ¥15.15 before taxes (unit price of Tokyo Electric Power Company Energy Partner [commercial use electricity (contracted power: less than 500 kW)]. (As of January 2023)

Optimization 3
Construction Period
and On-Site Considerations
Reports on progress to date and processes for upcoming two weeks
at regular weekly meetings; LED changeover conducted without stopping parking lot operations
A licensed first-class electrician supervised the site, planning, and progress, minimizing the impact on parking lot operations.
We offered a one-stop service for on-site survey, report preparation, equipment procurement, and construction management, providing outstanding speed and quality for the customer.
  • On-Site Survey and Report
    (Two Weeks)
  • Contract Signing
  • Equipment Procurement and Installation
    (Two Months)

Contribution Toward
Achieving the SDGs

The changeover to LED lighting reduced emissions by 170.83 (t-Co2), contributing to the achievement of three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Cedar Trees
Equivalent to 12,202 Trees

※Calculated assuming absorption of 14 kg of CO2 per year per tree

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