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Commercial Equipment Management Service: Zero Up-Front Investment

The Nexyz.Zero Series offers customers LED lights, kitchen equipment, HVAC equipment, and other valuable energy-saving products—all with zero up-front costs. Every Nexyz.Zero employee in Japan is a certified lighting consultant. The business has entered into partnerships with a number of equipment manufacturers, sharing product development expertise, and offering the equipment and services best matched to customer needs.

The most common incandescent light bulbs in use today are no longer in production. LED bulbs are still expensive in this generational change in lighting, and costs for installing LED bulbs at restaurants, traditional inns, hotels, and other facilities can run into the tens of millions of yen or more. While most businesses understand the need to upgrade, the high start-up costs prevent most from taking the step. This is the main reason most small and mid-sized companies have yet to adopt LED lighting. The Nexyz.Zero Series is a paradigm-shifting system, committed to the goal of speeding the adoption of LED lights and other energy-efficient equipment to all parts of society. Nexyz.Zero will continue to add new products and services, making an important contribution to reducing customer electricity costs.

Nexyz. Zero Series (Japanese only)

Nexyz. Electric Power

New Electric Power Service Offering Greater Cost Reductions

Nexyz. Electric Power is a new service designed to introduce further cost savings for the electricity that is such an important part of our everyday lives and businesses. The business will use the same electricity transmission equipment already in use, allowing customers to switch energy carriers without any interruption in quality or safety. Nexyz. Electric Power will handle all the paperwork, so customers need only sign a simple form. A completely painless process. Nexyz. Electric Power provides services to customers of all sizes, from single-family homes to small shops to corporations. Let Nexyz. Electric Power be your low-cost energy provider.

Nexyz. Electric Power (Japanese only)

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