Electronic Media Division

Digital magazines

Digital magazines published by Brangista are available for users to read online for free, with no downloads or paywall required. Nexyz published Tabiiro as its first online magazine in 2007, an era in which the iPad and Kindle had yet to be invented. Today, the company has properties across a wide range of topics, including fashion, politics, economics, lifestyle, weddings, and more. Brangista properties offer stimulating content and information over a platform unmatched by any other digital magazine, featuring cover shots of A-list actresses, celebrities, and other notable figures. Brangista content is overseen by editors with extensive experience in the magazine publishing world, providing outstanding creative capital.

  • Tabiiro
  • MaRiche
  • Seikeidenron
  • madream
  • GINGER mirror
  • Bon Mariage
  • Bevivi
  • Nomitabibon
  • HowB
  • LiSTA
  • Tabesaki

Services for Local Governments

Brangista works with local governments to produce digital magazines that communicate the charms of these regions through elegant photos, video, and text.
Brangista also provides packaged services that include print publications for local distribution, PR event planning, and tourist PR. Brangista clients include Ibusuki City (Kagoshima Prefecture), Miyagi Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, Northern Kyoto , Kanazawa City (Ishikawa Prefecture), Kochi Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, and others.

  • Kurayoshi-shi Tottori
  • Fukuoka
  • Fukauracho Aomori
  • Kamishihorocho Hokkaido
  • Kamikawa Hokkaido


Solutions Services has a long record of success, running online promotions for more than 2,000 companies to date. In 2004, Nexyz began providing e-commerce support services in the nascent online shopping industry. Today, Nexyz offers e-commerce support, logistics, and even services to facilitate international e-commerce. With more than 10 years of experience and expertise, Solutions Services leverages other Brangista and Nexyz businesses to create total online consulting solutions, supporting the successful web-based efforts of our clients.

  • The total support service for e-commerce sites: EC Support PRO
  • The cloud systems to improve the operation of shops: Matomaru EC Tencho
  • The logistics service: Brangista Butsuryu
  • The translation service: Brangista Honyaku
  • The cross-border e-commerce support services: Ekkyo EC

Smartphone Game App Kami no Te (Hand of God)

Kami no Te is a new, exciting 3D crane game that ties together online and offline worlds. Win prizes in the game, and those prizes show up delivered to your door in real life. The game was developed in partnership with general producer Yasushi Akimoto (AKB48, Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46), and the game includes content from popular anime, TV dramas, movies, and celebrities. The game also offers chances to win original prizes available only through the app. But, Kami no Te isn’t just a game. The app is evolving into a new type of game media creating stronger interaction between businesses and users. Making the most of virtual content, Nexyz is working with all manner of companies to offer cars, furniture, home electronics, and numerous other prizes and services of all shapes and sizes. Kami no Te is about creating completely new experiences and new dreams for game players.

Game App: Kami no Te

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Brangista Game Inc.

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