The Nexyz.Group has leveraged its storehouse of unique expertise, knowledge, and experience into other group businesses across a wide range of specialties. The Nexyz.Zero Division is one of the newer core businesses of the group. Here, Nexyz offers the Nexyz.Zero Series of products, which allows customers access to LED lighting and the latest in other environmentally friendly equipment—all with zero up-front investment. This is just one example of how Nexyz creates synergies between businesses to offer more value to customers.

Nexyz.Zero Division

The Nexyz.Zero Division is a core business of the Nexyz.Group. This division sells the Nexyz.Zero Series of products, which provides LED lights and other equipment to a large and growing large customer base. By helping customers replace old equipment with the latest in energy-efficient models, Nexyz reduces the energy footprint of society, contributing to environmental preservation.

Electronic Media Division

The Electronic Media Division offers electronic magazine publishing and other services designed for corporate branding. The division pursues the potential of electronic media through free-to-read electronic magazines and comprehensive e-commerce support services.

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