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Nexyz.Group 30th Anniversary

The Nexyz.Group Celebrates
30 Years in Business

Founded in 1987, the Nexyz.Group celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. This achievement is thanks in no small part to the employees, business partners, and friends who have supported us over the years.
We aim to offer new resources and ideas, becoming an indispensable part of society as we challenge ourselves to reach even higher levels of growth in the future.

Since our founding, the Nexyz.Group has held true to a management style of strategic planning and sales execution, continuing to deliver multifaceted services throughout an era of dramatic change.

This 30-year milestone is a single page in our history; just one small step in our journey toward the future. Our ultimate goal is to be a part of the social infrastructure, serving an indispensable role in the world.

We ask our stakeholders for their continued support as we pursue our mission.
Look forward to even greater advancements from the Nexyz.Group in the future.

Nexyz.Group CEO & Group Representative
Nexyz.Group Corporation
Takami Kondo

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